Hello and welcome to the Jeffrey Breault blog! This blog aims to give its readership sound financial advice and also plenty of ways to enjoy abundance once readers have laid the groundwork for their financial success. Consider this spot a community where a wide array of topics can be discussed, from achieving financial freedom to balancing work and home life, and also ways to give back to your community.

Readers can also expect plenty of content about the automotive industry as Jeffrey is active in automotive racing and automobile restoration and collecting.

Jeffrey has a background in finance that spans over 25 years and he helps clients all over the nation accumulate and maintain their wealth. Jeffrey is also a family man and happily married to his wife Shelly. They both raise their teenage sons, Alex and Andrew.

Work and home life do keep Jeffrey busy, but he still finds ways to give back to his Wichita, Kansas community, which this blog will also explore. Jeffrey is an active Shriner and works with local charities and nonprofits. Giving back to the community is an essential part of achieving true prosperity, so readers can expect content about how to get out and get active in that regard.